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International Netsuke Society Journal - 2022

One of the great benefits of joining the International Netsuke Society is the quarterly journal which the society publishes.  Articles are written by various collectors, scholars and dealers of netsuke.  Published with high quality papers, the journal is handsome as well as being extremely informative and educational.

Summer 2022 Issue

Volume 42, Number 2

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  • President's Letter
  • INS Financials
  • Letters
  • The Beauty of Netsuke: The Collection of Mrs. M. Isabel Sharpe
    M. T. Hindson Introduction and Comments by Giovanni Rimondi
  • Contemporary Netsuke of Maki-e, Raden, Shibayama-zaiku, Kutani Ceramic Wares, and Kagamibuta
    Kimura Ikuko and Tanida YĆ«shi
  • Ramblings of a Retired Auctioneer: Memories of an Old FriendNeil K. Davey
  • Snails of the Four SeasonsNatalia Popova
  • Netsuke SecretsAnna Rivkina
  • Auctions Dieuwke Eijer
  • On the ContinentHugues Vuillefroy de Silly

Kinko riding on a carp. Ivory, unsigned, early 19th century (see page 30)

Spring 2022 Issue

Volume 42, Number 1

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  • President's Letter
  • INS Amsterdam Convention Bulletin
  • Letters
  • Exhibition: The Hare with Amber Eyes
  • A Tale of Two TeapotsJudy Barnewolt Jones and Clive Hallam
  • Katagawari (Shape-change) Inro David Butsumyo
  • Ramblings of a Retired Auctioneer: Covetous? Who? Me? Neil K. Davey
  • On the Continent Hugues Vuillefroy de Silly
  • Auctions Dieuwke Eijer
  • In Memoriam

Two teapots with "imitation" repair work. In back is by Zeshin; in front is by Clive Hallam. Article begins on page 10.

The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.