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One of the great benefits of joining the International Netsuke Society is the quarterly journal which the society publishes. Articles are written by various collectors, scholars and dealers of netsuke. Published with high quality papers, the journal is handsome as well as being extremely informative and educational. Not a Member? Join Today to read all of the journals online!
Winter 2018, Volume 38, No.4 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 37, No.4
Spring 2018, Volume 38, No.1 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 38, No.1
Summer 2018, Volume 38, No.2 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 38, No.2
Fall 2018, Volume 38, No.3 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 38, No.3

Winter 2018 Issue

Volume 37, Number 4

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  • President's Letter
  • Chapter
  • Exhibition
  • Genryosai Minkoku, an Early Edo Netsukeshi, Part 3Giovanni Rimondi
  • TORA ga ISHI: The Stone of ToraChristopher Beamer
  • Contemporary Netsuke-shi Alexander DerkachenkoElvira Vergun
  • On the ContinentGabor Wilhelm
  • AuctionsOliver Moss
  • A Look at Old-Fashioned Inro Described in 1705 by a Kyoto Makie-shiHeinz and Else Kress
  • Children's SumoYukari Yoshida

Cover: Chohi and Kan'u. Ivory man

Spring 2018 Issue

Volume 38, Number 1

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  • President's Letter
  • INS Financials
  • Chapters
  • Exhibition
  • Mermaids East and West: Ningyo Netsuke and Their Western CousinsAlison Luchs
  • Our Lady of the Waves, Part 1Adelaida Sánchez Rus
  • AuctionsFinn Daley Roberts
  • In Memoriam
  • Membership Form
  • Back Issues
  • Index of Advertisers

Cover: Ningyo on clam shell, Hideharu, mid-19th century, wood, van Ham, Cologne. (see p. 29, fig. 20)

Summer 2018 Issue

Volume 38, Number 2

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  • President's Letter
  • Chapters
  • Kyoto or Satsuma?Alain Ducros
  • Our Lady of the Waves, Part 2Adelaida Sánchez Rus
  • Netsuke Metamorphosis: A visit to the Contemporary Netsuke Carving ClassKazuko Nakanishi Ficara
  • The Little-Known World of Ivory Okimono CraftsmenKomada Makiko and Komada Ryushi
  • My First Year as a Netsuke CollectorHenrik Liljenberg-Hansson
  • A Look at Five Netsuke Excavated from the Tomb of Daimyo Matsudaira Tadao, 1673-1736, as well as at similar netsuke from modern collectionsHeinz and Else Kress
  • In Memoriam
  • Membership Form
  • Index of Advertis

Cover: Shishi, ivory, signed Gechu (see page 16, Fig. 12).

Fall 2018 Issue

Volume 38, Number 3

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  • President's Letter
  • Chapters
  • Buyōkiseru - Battle PipesRosemary Bandini
  • The Armchair Collector: Parody in NetsukeRichard Hieronymus
  • Tsunayoshi: The Dog ShogunNeil Holton
  • Art Names Talk, Signatures Speak: MasatoshiKomada Makiko
  • On the ContinentGabor Wilhelm
  • Sentoku Inrō Decorated with Shintō Tama Beads and Ancient Chinese MottoesHeinz and Else Kress

Cover: Ikkaku carrying Lady Senderama. Signed Hidemasa. R. Hieronymus collection. Photo © 2018 Malcolm Rooke-Burdon See P21.

The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.