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One of the great benefits of joining the International Netsuke Society is the quarterly journal which the society publishes. Articles are written by various collectors, scholars and dealers of netsuke. Published with high quality papers, the journal is handsome as well as being extremely informative and educational. Not a Member? Join Today to read all of the journals online!
Spring 1999, Volume 19, No.1 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 19, No.1
Summer 1999, Volume 42, No.2 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 19, No.2
Fall 1999, Volume 19, No.3 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 19, No.3
Winter 1999, Volume 19, No.4 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 19, No.4

Winter 1999 Issue - Volume 19, Number 4

  • Picture Gallery
  • Chicago '99 Convention ReviewDorothy Lewis
  • Questions & Answers Yukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • News from JapanNori Watanabe
  • Netsuke, from Useable to Decorative ArtifactPaul J. Cardile
  • Nick Lamb's Zodiac Animals 2000Robert and Miriam Kinsey
  • Meiji and the Shibayama FashionRolf Schmoll and Francois Storno
  • AuctionsDouglas J.K. Wright, Joseph Kurilecz, and Jairus K. Hammond
  • The Joly Collection, and How It Was PurchasedM.O. Sear
    • The Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography
    • Netsuke: The Japanese Art of Miniature Carving
  • LegendsSharen Chappell
  • Notes 6Neil K. Davey
  • Crossword

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Fall 1999 Issue - Volume 19, Number 3

  • News from JapanNori Watanabe
  • Questions and AnswersYukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • Return to Japan, Part TwoJohn Hawley
  • Beauty of Netsuke Rooted in My HeartIgnace L. Ephrussi
  • Netsuke on $5 A Day #6Robert P. Goode
  • Iwami Carvers: The Work of Gansui and GohoDavid Burditt
  • AuctionsDouglas J.K. Wright and Gabor Wilhelm
  • Notes 5Neil K. Davey
  • LegendsSharen Chappell and Dr. Karl Schwarz
  • Reviews
  • In Memoriam - Jean VerwilghenRobert Fleischel

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Summer 1999 Issue - Volume 19, Number 2

  • 1999 Chicago Convention Bulletin
  • Miniature Masterpieces: The Storytelling Art of Japanese InroJoseph Kurstin
  • Tiny Treasures SymposiumJairus K. Hammond
  • News from JapanNori Watanabe
  • Return to Japan, Part OneJohn Hawley
  • Questions and AnswersYukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • Red Robe KokusaiYoichi Shimatami
  • Outstanding Netsuke by Contemporary Lacquer Artists, Part II Miriam aned Robert Kinsey
  • LegendsSharen Chappell
  • Notes 4Neil K. Davey
  • In Memoriam - Denis SzeszlerNeil K. Davey

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Spring 1999 Issue - Volume 19, Number 1

  • 1999 Chicago Convention Bulletin
  • Contemporary Netsuke Exhibition at the Mishima-Taisha MuseumMakiko Komada
  • Questions and AnswersYukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • Collecting, Past, Present and FutureRosemary Bandini
  • Iwami Carvers: The Work of BunshojoDavid Burditt
  • AuctionsJoseph Kurilecz, Jairus K. Hammond, Gabor Wilhelm and Douglas J.K. Wright
  • David Blissett, an English CarverDavid Burditt
  • LegendsSharen Chappell
  • Reviews: Odd Men Out Michael Birch
  • Notes 3Neil K. Davey
  • In Memoriam: Kentaro Akatsu

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The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.