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International Netsuke Society Journal - 1997


Winter 1997

  • How I Began Collecting by George E. Henriquez
  • A Young Collector's Story by Garrett McCormick
  • Hatsune no Tsuzumi by Shinzo Shibata
  • Inro Motifs Part VI by Heinz Kress
  • A Ukrainian Netsuke Carver by Wolfmar Zacken
  • News from Japan by Nori Watanabe
  • Review by Robyn Buntin
  • Auction Report by D.J.K. Wright
  • Legends by Sharen Chappell and Karl M. Schwarz
  • Tidbits and Answers by Yukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin
  • The Bakemono Says

Fall 1997

  • Sado ­ Island of Gold by Michael Dean
  • David Carlin by Dale S. Miller
  • The Lotus Sutra at Daikyoji Temple by Yoichi Shimatani
  • The 11th Vienna Netsuke Symposium by Rebecca Law
  • Reviews by Robyn Buntin and Heinz Kress
  • Auction Report by Gabor Wilhelm, D.J.K. Wright and Jairus K. Hammond
  • Legends by Sharen Chappell
  • Tidbits and Answers by Yukari Yoshida and Joseph Kurstin

Summer 1997

  • Authenticity in Netsuke by David Burditt
  • Four Fine Foxes by George Lazarnick
  • Carving Netsuke in the Late 20th Century by Armin Müller and Lynn Richardson
  • Nagoya Netsuke Carvers by Kentaro Akatsu
  • Reviews by D.J.K. Wright, Neil Davey and Michael Birch
  • Auction Report by Gabor Wilhelm
  • The Bakemono Says

Spring 1997

  • Why Art Historians Don't Study Netsuke, and Why They Should by Kendall Brown
  • Ohara Mitsuhiro by Kengo Sekido, translated by Nori Watanabe
  • Inro Motifs, Part V by Heinz Kress
  • Auction Report by Gabor Wilhelm

The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.