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One of the great benefits of joining the International Netsuke Society is the quarterly journal which the society publishes. Articles are written by various collectors, scholars and dealers of netsuke. Published with high quality papers, the journal is handsome as well as being extremely informative and educational. Not a Member? Join Today to read all of the journals online!
Spring 2020, Volume 40, No.1 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 40, No.1
Summer 2020, Volume 40, No.2 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 40, No.2
Fall 2020, Volume 40, No.3 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 40, No.3
Winter 2020, Volume 40, No.4 - International Netsuke Society Journal
Volume 40, No.4
  • President's Letter
  • 2019 INS Financials
  • Chapters
  • Letters
  • Year of the Nezumi
  • David Butsumyo
  • Moxibustion - An Aid to a More Healthful Life
  • Christopher Beamer
  • Rare MasksPierre Jacquesson
  • On the ContinentMax Rutherston
  • Modern Inro-Shaped Good Luck Charms and SouvenirsElse and Heinz Kress
  • Memories of a Six-Foot Blond Curly-Haired AmericanNeil Davey

Cover: Korokuraku and Shojo.  Two masks from the collection of Pierre Jacquesson. See p.40

  • President's Letter
  • Zooming Through the PandemicRobert Willford
  • A Japanese Pipecase, Tadamasa Hayashi, Art Nouveau, and Impressionism: A Lesson in Art HistoryMilton Stratos
  • Inro TokeiDavid Butsumyo
  • On the ContinentMax Rutherston
  • Some Inro Allegedly Acquired in Japan in 1854 by the Captain of One of Commodore Perry's Black ShipsElse and Heinz Kress
  • In Memoriam

Cover: Pipecase ensemble, featuring two frogs arm wrestling on the lid of the tonkotsu, Unsigned. Collection of Milton Stratos (See Page 14)

  • President's Letter
  • Zooming Through the PandemicRobert Willford
  • Exploration of Tree Species of Old Wooden NetsukeTakashi Yamada
  • Tessai or Dassai (or Clive)?David Butsumyo
  • Indexes of Netsuke Artists, Part 1Giovanni Rimondi
  • On the ContinentPatrizia Jirka-Schmitz and Hugues Vuillefroy de Silly
  • Raiden & Futen, Gods from the Buddhist HeavenElse and Heinz Kress

Cover: Inro design of Futen. Signed Komin. See page 55, Figure 11.

  • President's Letter
  • Paris 2019 Convention Profit and Loss Statement
  • Letters
  • Chapters
  • On the Problem of Iconographical Changes in Contemporary NetsukeTatiana Yahiro
  • Art Names Talk, Signatures Speak: RyushiKomada Makiko
  • Convention Week in ParisSusan Romaine, Steve Koppich, Chip Lutton
  • Why Art Historians Don't Study Netsuke, and Why They ShouldKendall Brown
  • AuctionsFinn Daley Roberts
  • Book Review
    The Paul and Michael Gross Collection of Japanese Netsuke by Max RutherstonReviewed by Jay E. Hopkins
  • In Memoriam

Cover: Grazing horse, from walrus tusk, by Gregg Stradiotto. See p.13

The International Netsuke Society is vehemently opposed to the trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material. We support and comply with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.