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  • Tuesday, January 26, 2010 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    Please join the NEW YORK chapter of the INTERNATIONAL NETSUKE SOCIETY at its next meeting:

    Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010
    2:00 pm
    Szechuan Chalet
    1395 Second Avenue (near 72nd/73rd Streets)
    Restaurant phone: 212-737-1838

    Jeff Klotz will be giving a talk - subject to be announced shortly. Please feel free to bring any netsuke you'd like to show the group.

    Please also bring cash for your food/drink.

    RSVP to: Diane Drinnon, 212-828-7088 or

    Best Regards, Diane
  • Friday, January 22, 2010 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    Letter to the Membership

    This letter is to wish all of you a very Happy 2010 and to update you on what we are doing in the New Year.

    I am pleased to announce beginning with the Spring 2010 issue the INS Journal will be produced by CA Design of Hong Kong. This change will result in a better production quality as well as a considerable savings to the INS in costs. Tony Chan of CA Designs came to the New York Convention in July 2009 and gave an impressive presentation to the Board of Directors. As we had been with our old production company for over fifteen years and the Summer Journal was already in production it was decided not to move until the end of the year.

    The Winter Journal which is normally mailed in late December was delayed in production but has just been mailed so you should be receiving it by the end of January.

    As a result of this change the Spring 2010 Journal is scheduled to be completed and mailed in April.

    The past six months has been extremely busy with working on our finances as well as moving ahead with the plans for the Journal and website. I hope that you will all enjoy the new Journal when you receive it in the Spring.


    Marsha Vargas Handley
  • Monday, December 07, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    what you've all been asking for!

    London Netsuke Symposium
    November 5th-8th 2010

    Rosemary Bandini and Max Rutherston are delighted to announce to a four-day netsuke symposium to be held in London in November 2010, coinciding with Asian Art in London Week and the first of the Ted Wrangham auctions.

    Many of our European and American collector friends have long been asking us to organise an event in London. Some of you will remember the lively and highly successful conventions that used to be held in London, but it has now been 20 years since such an event took place here. Cost has always been a factor, but this is a time when we can take full advantage of the weakness of sterling. The symposium will be held at Dartmouth House, The English Speaking Union, in Charles Street, close to the historic centre of Mayfair. There will be a full programme of lectures and workshops each morning, with a fork buffet lunch, followed by viewing of the dealers' room. Our hotel accommodations are within a minute or two's walk of the location.

    We have been able to negotiate rooms at the 4-star Washington Mayfair hotel at the very competitive rate of £165 for a classic double with full English breakfast ( well appointed and recently refurbished James's of London's hotel is ideally located close to Bond Street and St James's as well as Bonhams auction rooms. Nearby Green Park tube station takes you direct to Christie's South Kensington salerooms. For those who prefer a slightly more traditional hotel, a number of rooms have been negotiated at a similar rate at Flemings Hotel in nearby Half Moon Street.

    Mayfair is a charming area of central London which has retained much of its 18th century charm and the cobbled streets of Shepherds Market offer a wide choice of restaurants, traditional pubs and shops - including the world-renowned Geo F Trumper, gentlemen's hairdresser and perfumer, established in 1875 and bearer of a Royal Warrant, which offers an old-fashioned wet-shave for those who dare. For a taste of London's pageantry and royal history, St James's and Buckingham Palaces are a short walk away, across Green Park for those who want to see The Changing of The Guards

    The event is being organised independently by us here in London, to complement the wonderful conventions held in the USA by the INS. We feel the time is right as London appears once again to have emerged as a major centre of Japanese art. There promises to be so much to do and see in relation to netsuke that you may have to plan a longer stay if you want to enjoy the myriad delights which London has to offer.

    We promise you a wonderful time and will shortly be sending out information about registration and booking. We do have a number cap at Dartmouth House, so early registration is recommended.

    SAVE THE DATE! We look forward to seeing you here in November

    Rosemary and Max
  • Tuesday, December 01, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    We have just received further details of the netsuke theft in England. It occurred August 14, 2009, from Amelie & Melanie Japanese Antiques & Art, in Bristol, Gloucestershire, a county in South West England, about 172 km or 107 miles from London, and it happened at Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire while they were at an antique fair.

    You can look at the pictures on their website: “Pretty much all of the netsuke there were taken [about 34 ivory netsuke] and the okimono list is as follows: RP2, 4773, 4612, 4988, 4086, 4201, 4354.”

    If you have information, please contact Melanie (Mel) Caswell at
    Telephone: 0117-3309090, Mobile: 07885-365466, 07971-978132, and let me know as well.

    Norman L. Sandfield INS Constant Contact Email Blast Coordinator
  • Tuesday, November 24, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    Please join the NEW YORK chapter of the INTERNATIONAL NETSUKE SOCIETY at its next meeting:

    Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009
    2:00 pm
    Szechuan Chalet (NEW PLACE)
    1395 Second Avenue (near 72nd/73rd Streets)
    Restaurant phone: 212-737-1838

    Please note this is a change in location. The restaurant we've been going to is now closed.

    Bob Goode will present an annual favorite, highlighting the upcoming new year. This year's presentation is on "The Year of the Tiger: The Many Faces of Tigers". He will consider the position of the tiger in Asian Art, with special reference to the portrayal of tigers in netsuke.
    Please feel free to bring any tiger or other netsuke to show the group.

    Please also bring cash for your food/drink.
    RSVP to: Diane Drinnon, 212-828-7088 or
  • Sunday, November 22, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous



    They will be shipped in January.

    SEE: where you can Click here for order form

    PLEASE print and mail with a check in $US, or fax or email with credit card information to:
    Joseph Kurstin, M.D.
    2127 Brickell Ave.
    Apt 3601
    Miami, Florida, 33129
    Fax: (305) 461 2902
    Phone: (305) 8587876 (evenings please)

    Please make checks to International Netsuke Society (Binders)

    Sturdy, attractive, accessible, and easy to read. Keep your journals in order and safe!

    Binder (holds 16 journals) $30 each
    Slipcase (holds 16 journals) $25 each

    Domestic shipping $30 for up to eight binders or slipcases (International will be calculated based on country, and billed upon shipping). All orders must be paid in advance by check, cash, or credit card. Please send orders to Joseph Kurstin at, by fax at +1 (305) 461 2902 or by mail to 2127 Brickell Ave. Apt. 3601, Miami, FL 33129. This is a one-time order, so please purchase what you will need for past and future journals. These are financed and produced by the INS. The Society will not stock these binders and slipcases. All paid orders are final. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. Deadline for ordering is December 1, 2009.
  • Sunday, November 22, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    The International Netsuke Society is always concerned about problems in the netsuke market. One of our goals is to protect and inform our members on the wide range of issues that will allow them to be more aware of current and newsworthy events in the netsuke marketplace around the world.

    Today, we have three issues from the dark side of netsuke:

    1) ** FRAUD ALERT **
    The New York Attorney General has sued author Mircea Veleanu, owner of Objets D'Art Uniques, for fraud in selling non-jade items as jade. The Attorney General's office obtained a temporary restraining order that required Veleanu to do business with certain restrictions, and on November 14, 2009, the Honorable Thomas J. Dolan agreed and permanently imposed the restrictions. The most recent and complete story, originally published in the December 2009 issue of Maine Antique Digest (online November 15, 2009), can be found online at:

    In 2004, Veleanu published a book on jade, purporting to be an expert. And then he started selling his “collection” on the internet. In 2008, Mircea Veleanu published a book on netsuke, which was reviewed by Norman L. Sandfield in the INS Journal, vol. 28, no. 2, Summer 2008, and is now selling his “collection” of netsuke on the internet.

    The New York Attorney General's office is looking for people who may have purchased netsuke or other objects from Mircea Veleanu, or have had other contact with him. If you have any possible information or questions, or if you have purchased art or artifacts from him that you suspect are fake, please contact assistant attorney general Nicholas Garin at the Poughkeepsie Regional Office at (845) 485-3900.

    2) ** THEFT ALERT **
    We are still waiting for a list from a dealer in the UK who has had their entire netsuke and okimono stock stolen. This was reported to us at the end of October 2009.

    3) ** “SALE” BY DECEPTION ** At least one internet dealer in Japanese antiques located in Russia is copying photographs of netsuke and other objects from the Internet sites of other dealers and offering them for sale under their own name. We do not know whether the copying dealer would take the money and run, or then try to buy the netsuke from the original advertising dealer. When in doubt, . . . “know your dealer!"

    More information on these and other issues of interest to our members can be found on the INS Forum at

    Norman L. Sandfield
    INS Constant Contact Email Blast Coordinator
  • Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    International Netsuke Society
    Northwest Chapter

    You are cordially invited to attend our luncheon meeting:
    Sunday, October 25, 2009, 1:00 pm
    Seattle, Washington

    Please RSVP by October 20th!

    For information on the meeting location, contact Richard Hieronymus (see below), who will then send you the correct address (at a private club) and directions, and add you to the "invited list." Guest Speaker: Paul Moss Paul Moss will present new information on netsuke-shi Otoman aka Matsushita (surname) Otoman. He was a remarkably different, unique, stylistically one-off master carver from Hakata, near Nagasaki, in Kyushu. Recent information comes from Nori Watanabe with the fact that he has been doing some research on Otoman in Kyushu, and has come to the remarkable conclusion that the strange and intriguing carver Bokugyuken (an art name, not a surname) Toshiharu was his teacher. There doesn't seem to have been much to connect them, stylistically, unless you consider the idea that every single model, experiment or essay seems to have been made in the spirit of being completely different from the last one as some sort of identifying characteristic. Come to our meeting. Bring any Otoman and Bokuygyuken netsuke you own for our amazement. As Paul recently wrote me, ”pin back your overwhelmed and amazed capacity to learn.”

    RSVP by October 20th to:
    Richard Hieronymus
    Or phone (360) 378-3556

    Bon Appetite!
  • Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous
    Confused? You are not alone! This email will attempt to summarize and clarify the previous nine-page email on the upcoming election. For your convenience, we wanted to attach a copy of the Proxy form in a one-page PDF format, but for security reasons, Constant Contact does not allow email attachments. If you still need a blank proxy form, please email our INS Constant Contact Coordinator, Norman L. Sandfield, at, who can email or FAX you one directly.

    The Biennial Meeting of INS Members is scheduled for Monday, July 6, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the New York Palace Hotel. During the meeting, elections will be held for the President of INS.

    We want to make sure that every paid member who wishes to vote or submit a Proxy understands how to do so.

    1. If you are attending the Convention, you can vote at the meeting.

    2. If you are not attending the convention, but live in the area or will be in the area, you can attend the business meeting and vote in person. You do not have to be registered for the convention to come to the business meeting.

    3. Otherwise, you may appoint as your proxy agent any INS member who will be attending the INS business meeting by sending a Proxy form to them with information on it indicating who you wish to vote for. You can deliver or fax it to them in advance, or send it to them at the New York Palace Hotel, Fax: 1-212-303-6000. Please let them know that you are sending it, so they can be sure they receive it.

    4) You can also send or give your filled-out and signed Proxy to someone you trust and allow them to vote as they see fit.

    5) You can fax the signed Proxy form to President Joe Kurstin at the hotel (see above), with voting instructions written at the bottom.

    6) The proxy cannot be e-mailed; only faxed, mailed, or carried in by another party.

    If you still have any questions, please contact me or one of our Board members in advance to be sure your vote counts.

    Hope this clarifies the process for you.

    Joseph Kurstin, President
    Norman L. Sandfield, Constant Contact Coordinator
  • Wednesday, June 24, 2009 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    INS Presidential Election and Proxies

    There are 7 different and important sections to this email, and they are separated by bars, such as this, with a Proxy form at the end:

    To All Members of the INS,

    We understand that there has been concern expressed about lack of information concerning the election for president at the upcoming convention. The nominating committee has been actively and diligently sorting through its options, which unfortunately was a lengthy process to be as thorough as possible. It was not an easy job and we all owe them a great vote of thanks.

    The Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors are happy to announce that we have two highly qualified candidates- Karen Knudson and Michael Strone, who are willing to run and if elected, serve. They both are quite capable, have a passion for the art form, and have been actively involved in the society. We plan to formally present this slate for discussion, and any additions and/or modifications, to the Board of Directors during the meeting in NYC. Pending their approval, we will then present the same choice to the membership at the general meeting of the INS for a final vote.

    The possibility exists of an additional nomination(s), either at the board meeting or the general meeting. Anyone may be nominated from the floor or by mailing or e-mailing me the nomination before the Board of Directors Meeting. We do ask that anybody choosing to put forward such a nomination should please clarify with the nominee that he or she is willing to serve and understands what that entails. We have been managed these many years by a small but dedicated group of volunteers, but we are always looking for new talent. If anybody would like to be involved, please let us know. Attached are CV's of the two nominees.

    Any paid-up member may vote either in person at the General INS Meeting or by proxy vote.

    By proxy:

    1. The proxy form cannot be e-mailed.

    2. There is no voting by mail, only in person or by a person attending who has a proxy or proxies. That Member can vote as many proxies as he or she has.

    3. The Proxy form is to be downloaded and signed and then faxed directly to me, or to anyone to whom you wish to give your proxy, at the NY Palace Hotel. ( New York Palace Fax: 1-212-303-6000 )

    4. It may also be mailed to me directly at the INS Convention: Joseph Kurstin, The New York Palace Hotel, 455 Madison Ave, New York, N.Y. 10022, USA.

    The proxy may be made out to anyone attending the convention and I will give it to them. That person must attend the meeting to present and vote the proxy.

    5. Please put a short note at the end of the proxy and initial it indicating who you wish to vote for with your proxy.

    6. Be sure to sign the proxy.

    Any paid-up member may come to the General Meeting of the INS with no charge, but to spend time at the convention must pay a daily or full convention charge.

    Best Wishes,

    Joseph Kurstin, President, and the Board of Directors

    Our current bylaws (from the original By-Laws of the Netsuke Kenkyukai Society, dated: 1977, Mission, Kansas) do not require a member in good standing to register for, or attend, the convention in order to attend the General Meeting:

    Article III, Section 7: Voting: At every meeting of the members, every active member of the Society, in good standing, shall be entitled to one vote. Unless otherwise provided by the Articles of Incorporation or by these Bylaws, a majority of the votes cast shall be sufficient to elect officers and directors and to pass any measure.

    Regarding proxies:

    Article III, Section 6: Active members may vote either in person or by proxy, but no proxy shall be dated more than eleven months before the meeting at which it is offered and shall not be accepted unless such proxy states on its face the time period during which it shall remain in force and in effect. No proxy shall be granted for a period exceeding one year. To be qualified, proxies shall be in writing, subscribed by the members and shall be presented to the presiding official at the meeting or in advance thereof.

    Personal Statement for

    Karen N. Knudson

    June 22, 2009

    I joined the INS in 1999, when I had one netsuke, and have been collecting ever since. I have attended every convention since 1999 and benefitted enormously from the lectures and workshops, the Journal, the Chapter meetings in New York while we lived in Princeton, and now in Seattle with the Northwest Chapter. My activities with the INS include hosting Newcomers Luncheons in San Francisco and Miami and for another in New York this year. I was elected to the Board in 2007. With my husband Eric, we have chair Membership for the INS since early 2008. For the past couple of years my husband has been compiling the digital image netsuke archive (about 6,700 so far) - this has been a terrific education in itself.

    I joined the INS because my collecting and interests connected with the reason d'être of the INS: education. My goals with the INS are to continue the never-ending process of education and collecting, and to serve with commitment, imagination, skill and integrity. I will work for responsiveness, accuracy, clarity, responsibility and honesty on the part of everyone in a position of authority in the INS.

    My formal education includes the University of Washington (BA), Edinburgh University (MLitt) and graduate studies in Law and Business at Wayne State University. My work experience is in nursing, real estate sales and management and securities brokerage and management.

    Beginning in 1968 I have served on boards of non-profit 501s and 509s including Children's Hospital of Seattle, American Association of University Women, Christ Church Grosse Pointe, Trinity Church Princeton, Princeton Community Housing, The YWCA Princeton, St. Mark's Cathedral Foundation, Women's University Club, Sand Point Country Club and the Executive Committee of the Asian Arts Council of the Seattle Art Museum. My leadership positions with these non-profit organizations are in the areas of finance, investments and governance.

    I understand leadership in small organizations (20+/- members) up to large organization (2000+members), some with endowments up to $25 million. The key to all the non-profit leadership jobs is that we are all volunteers. Leadership for these groups requires energy, appreciation and recognition of people and talents, shared responsibility for the outcomes of the undertakings of the group, creative and analytical thinking about the group and living up to the reason d'être of the INS. I recognize the needs of all collectors for a friendly, informative environment in which we can share knowledge and collecting experiences. When members do not feel that all are working for the desired outcomes and do not feel appreciated and recognized, volunteers go away. Without volunteers, there is no group.

    I believe there is a future for the INS if some of the younger members and prospective members believed they can share in leadership. I have no interest in personal gain. If elected, I have received a commitment from John Hawley to serve as Vice President for Finance. I will ask the members to ratify that choice at the annual meeting.



    June 23, 2009

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    As a candidate for the presidency of our society, I am writing to express my reasons for seeking the office. First and foremost is my passion for netsukeundefinedpure and simple. For almost 20 years, that I have devoted myself, heart and soul to the study and appreciation of netsuke and sagemono, written over 20 articles in the International Netsuke Society Journal, and devoted hundreds of hours to organize and chair a convention that I hope you will all attend to learn and enjoy. I have served on the Board of Directors since 2005, the last two years as Vice President of the Society and been on the Editorial Board of the INS Journal since its inception in 2004. And yes, pursuant to the suggestion of several members of the Society, I declared myself to be a part-time dealer since shortly after the 2007 Miami convention. I have paid to the Society thousands of dollars for advertising in the Journal. Most of this, with much more, is set forth in my attached resume.

    I am an attorney, having spent much of my career as Real Estate General Counsel at the General Electric Company. In that capacity, I also served as Ombudsman, responsible for all employee complaints about managementundefineda role that has given me great sensitivity to ethical as well as legal issues. Because of my concern for even the appearance of impropriety, I asked Edward Flower, Esq., the General Counsel for the Society, to render an opinion as to whether my status as a part-time dealer would pose an inherent conflict of interest. His letter of support is attached and I encourage you to read it. I promise you that I will never use the position of president in any way for my personal gain. What I want is for the Society to succeed and prosper. With the benefit of all of my organizational experience and demonstrated expertise, I am willing and able to work extremely hard to achieve those goals with total integrity. The Society and its journal are absolutely essential to our collecting experience.

    There exists currently a great opportunity to bring new life to a Society that, except for a biennial convention, is now basically a subscription organization. The next President must have a clear vision of the potential for the Society. As vice-president of the Society for two years, I have experienced both the bad and the good. I have managed to create what I know will be a wonderful and fiscally responsible biennial convention in New York City without any allocated funds and without an event planner that would have cost the Society over $40,000. There were naysayers who intoned that it couldn't be done.

    The next President requires integrity, competence, patience, resolve, and flexibility. I will be open to new ideas. I have learned that often the best ideas are unexpected. That said, I have a vision of that which I would like to accomplish for the Society during my tenure:

    · Create openness and transparency throughout the Society by distributing monthly financial statements to the Board and by instituting a system of checks and balances such that no one person may commit funds of the Society. I have demonstrated total integrity over my entire professional career. Nonetheless, I will ask a qualified member of the Board or the Society to fill the position of Vice President/Treasurer.

    · Increase membership by offering incentives (perhaps a reduced membership fee for new members for a period of time) and/ or different classes of membership with different benefits (lower fees for students and academic professionals and/or a subscription rate only). Perhaps we need to advertise in other magazines such as Arts of Asia, Orientations and Daruma. We must increase involvement by new collectors, especially the young.

    · Encourage and develop the INS web site, and especially its forums that are ongoing daily activities of the Society and represent our presence on the Internet, the communication highway of the present and certainly of the future. The forums are truly international, with regular correspondents from the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and other countries, and have recently brought a number of new members into the Society.

    · Create mini-conventions around the world in venues that might not have the facilities to support a full convention. Two or three days at times in between the biennial convention may provide an opportunity for collectors and dealers alike to meet in an informal and less structured setting.

    · Bring the by-laws of the Society into the 21st century. I had drafted a revised set of by-laws for presentation to the Board in San Francisco but they were not presented. Features of the revisions called for changing the State of incorporation from Kansas (yes, Kansas) to Delaware or New York whose not-for-profit laws are more liberal and better understood, as well as to impose term limits for directors who now are elected for life. We need to infuse the Board with more energy and greater commitment.

    · Reduce the cost of the Journal without sacrificing quality. The cost of the Journal is an incredible percentage of Society expenditures. Linda Meredith has done a superb job of garnering and presenting educational and entertaining material. No author is compensated for his or her efforts. Nonetheless, we need to competitively bid the production of the Journal to ensure that we can produce the finest product for the lowest cost.

    These are but a few ideas whose implementation will have, I believe, an astonishingly positive impact on the Society and create a robustness that is, frankly, missingundefinedparticularly in a down economy. We must also achieve unity and an environment where differing opinions are welcome and kindness prevails. The President must be a leader but also a servant who acts with humility. As any past president will agree, this is a thankless jobundefinedone where organizational skill and netsuke expertise go hand-in-glove. Nonetheless, a passion for netsuke and for those who collect make it all worthwhile. I promise to do my utmost to validate your trust in me and respectfully ask for your vote.

    For whomever you choose to vote, please exercise your right and vote. Use the attached proxy, designate a person to present your proxy (either by selection of one of those in the proxy or by separate note attached). Make sure you sign the proxy and return it to Dr. Kurstin at the New York Palace Hotel (hold for arrival), 455 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

    With true thanks,

    Michael J. Strone


    45 Lakeside Lane

    Bay Shore, New York 11706

    June 22, 2009

    Michael J. Strone
    P.O. Box 6

    Harrison, NY 10528-0006

    Dear Michael:

    Please consider this letter an endorsement and support for your candidacy as president of the INS at the election to be held at the forthcoming convention. I have given careful consideration to what I believe to be the qualifications of the two announced candidates and it is my sincere and enthusiastic belief that you are best qualified to lead our society (please bear in mind that this is my own personal endorsement, and not on behalf of any committee or the board of directors).

    I have been particularly impressed with your efforts in organizing the forthcoming convention in New York City, a job which has in the past proved to be most difficult for the INS, and especially at this time in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis. I have also been impressed by the numerous articles you have written and which have been published in the journal.

    Finally, I have considered the question of your role as a dealer. I believe that this is a non-issue – and for those who raise it, a red herring. It will have no bearing on our status as a tax-free institution with the IRS, provided of course, that we continue to function in the manner which originally enabled us to obtain such status; nor do I believe that it creates a conflict of interest per se. I would note that at least two or three of our local chapters have dealer presidents. The test is one of character and ability, and what will be accomplished for the INS as well as the ability of that dealer officer not to make commercial use of his or her position. I have no reason to believe that you will do so, nor that any other dealer member would do so in a similar position.






    with nationally recognized expertise in

    · Not-for-Profit Investments and Law

    · Complex Problem-Solving, Teaching and Writing

    · Organizational Structures, Asset Management and Negotiation

    · Demonstrated High-Level Commitment to Not-for-Profit Causes


    Oracle Investment Advisors, LLC and Oracle Finance, LLC

    Chief Executive Officer – since 2002

    · Investment Advisor specializing in Mid-size Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments, and Eleemosynary Institutions

    Kokoro Japanese Art Advisors – Principal (part-time) since 2008

    GE Asset Management Incorporated (formerly GE Investments)

    Senior Consultant – 2002 to present

    Real Estate General Counsel and Ombudsman– 1984 to 2002

    · Representing real estate and private equity portfolio of largest in-house managed group of pension fund and not-for profit

    investments in the United States; asset management responsibilities for workouts, restructurings, bankruptcy, and litigation with tax,

    insurance, ERISA and environmental expertise

    Botein, Hays & Sklar and Rathheim, Hoffman, Kassel & Silverman

    Associate Attorney -- 1978 to 1984 Specialization in Real Estate and Not-for-Profit Entities


    American College of Real Estate Lawyers, Fellow, elected to membership, 1993;

    Program Speaker; Member and Vice-Chair (1998-99), Committee on Professionalism and Practice

    American Bar Association, Chairman, Committee on Asset Management, 1992 to 1994, 1995 to 1997; Chairman,

    Committee on Pension Plan Investments, 1990 to 1992; Program Speaker

    National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers, Member, Steering Committee of Senior Legal Officers,

    since 1992; Program Speaker, Program Chair, 1997

    Who's Who in America, Biographee since 1986


    International Netsuke Society, Vice-President of Board of Directors, elected in 2007; regularly featured columnist: International Netsuke Society Journal, since 2004 (20+ articles, reviews, profiles and other writings); member, INS Journal Editorial Board since 2004;

    Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Member, Board of Directors, 1989 to 1997;

    Vice President, 1991 to 1997

    Parkinson's Action Network, Member, Board of Directors, 1994 to 1998

    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Member, National Finance Committee; Vice President, New York Chapter

    Board of Directors, 1978 to 1989; Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003

    The Westchester Symphony, President, 1984 to 1986; Chairman of the Board,

    1986 to 1990; Executive Managing Director, 1990 to 1994; Bassist, 1984-2002

    Gerald L. Phillippe Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1994

    National Conference of Christians and Jews, Vice-Chairman, Westchester Chapter

    Annual Dinner, 1987

    Colby College Alumni Council, Member, 1994 to 1998; Member, Executive Committee; Chairman, Financial Affairs Committee, 1995 to 1998

    Harrison Little League, Member, Board of Directors, elected in 2001; Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Member, Executive Committee 2004--

    New York District 20 Youth Baseball, Commissioner of Senior League, Junior League and Fall Baseball for Lower Westchester County, New York 2007--

    Mariners Youth Hockey, Member, Board of Directors, 2003--8; Executive Vice President, Managing Director and General Counsel 2005 to 2008

    New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, Chairman of the Board, elected in 2007;

    Chair, Executive Committee; Chair, Business Development Committee and

    Chair, Task Force on Strategic Planning, 2007-2008; Troupe Member, 2008undefined


    Languages: Russian, French and conversational Japanese

    Bar Admissions: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and United States Supreme Court



    KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that I, ____________________________

    Name of Member

    residing at _______________________________________________________

    Street Address of Member

    City of __________________________________________________________

    City of Member

    State of __________________________________________________________

    State of Member

    Country _________________________________________________________

    Country of Member

    do hereby constitute and appoint ______________________________________

    Name of Proxy

    of _______________________________________________________________

    Street Address of Proxy

    City of __________________________________________________________

    Name of City

    State of _________________________________________________________


    Country of _______________________________________________________


    as my proxy to attend such meeting of Members of the INS as may be held from Thursday, July 2nd through Monday, July 6th, 2009, including the bi-annual meeting for the election of officers and directors or any continuation or adjournment thereof, with full power to vote and act for me and in my name, place and stead, in the same manner, to the same extent and with the same effect that I might were I personally present thereat, giving to


    Name of Proxy

    full power of substitution and revocation, and I hereby revoke any other proxy heretofore given by me.


    Date of Proxy


    Signature of Member Giving Proxy

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