New INS Website to go active

Friday, October 14, 2011 12:00 PM | Anonymous

On or about Monday, October 17, 2011, the new INS website will go active. In an attempt to keep up with the latest in Internet technology, we are moving to a platform with newer technology via

Here are a few things you might need to know:

The new site has been reorganized for a more logical access, but contains all of the old contents.

In the Members Only part of the site, you will be able to check, control, add, and change your contact information, as well as select who can see this information and more. We encourage all Members to check it out and update their information and settings as appropriate.

Members who don’t have email addresses, or have not registered them with us, will still be contacted via snail mail.

Members who do have email addresses will be able to manage their membership themselves via Wild Apricot (WA). WA will send out renewal notices and the member will be able to click on a link to our website to pay their dues online. The member will receive an automated receipt and will be sent a notification of the renewal and transaction details.

We know that privacy is a key concern for all of us. By default, WA does not display or disclose any member’s profile or personal information in any way, without the member explicitly giving their approval. By default, a member’s profile is not shown in any online directory. A member will need to explicitly change their profile settings if they would like to have their information shown in the online directory which will only be accessible to other members in good standing. The Directory Publication preferences are listed in each person’s Profile page and members can choose to be included or not. We hope this puts everyone at ease.

To view or change your settings, you go to:, then: View Profile -> Edit Profile -> Privacy -> Allow to show online -> and then click on as many details as you would like to be displayed. You can also add your avatar image in the profile section.

You will be getting two versions of this email, this one from Constant Contact, and one from us via Wild Apricot, telling you how to start.

We will be able to send out eBlasts from within this new system, removing the need for a separate eBlast system (now Constant Contact).

We hope you and the rest of the netsuke world will visit the site, see what it offers, and see how you and the Society can benefit from it.


Norman L. Sandfield

INS Webmaster

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