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Tuesday, October 04, 2011 9:05 PM | Anonymous

Good News!


Our INS Website,, which has been down since last Friday (depending upon your time zone), will be back up within the next 24-48 hours. Aisha Buntin, who is our hands-on Website Technician, as been on top of it since the outage initially occurred.


The indirect cause involved the process of allowing us to switch to our new website service. The direct cause is several levels of miscommunication from one of the services we use.


We thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience and confusion. To those Members who notified us as soon as they noticed the problem, a very special thanks!


We will be going through the transition to our brand-new website, hosted on Wild Apricot, on or about Monday, October 17. Again, the transition will occur at an unpredictable time during a 48-hour window, the specific time being out of our control.


Around that date, most of you will be getting two emails from us. One from the new Wild Apricot website, telling you in detail how to see and change your contact information and settings (opt-in, opt-out, etc.). A very similar email through Constant Contact will tell you the same things. We will all go through the rest of the learning curve together, with the ultimate goal of better service at a state-of-the-art Internet service!


Lest you think we are uniquely at fault here, I wish to quote from a story in yesterday’s news: “Bank of America says its website is back to normal after technical problems caused two days of sporadic outages.”



Norman L. Sandfield

INS Web Master

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