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  • Sunday, January 27, 2013 6:00 AM | Anonymous

    A Belated  . . . . 

    I had hoped to have a Year-End Holiday Meeting, but events in December overtook.  Hoping you all enjoyed your holidays - now, but a distant memory.

    I would like to get some input from our membership, and from those who have shown an interest, in our SoCA INS Chapter, for use in planning our 2013 Meeting Schedule, and some other things.

    Here are some questions, mixed in with comments - please let me hear your thoughts:

    1-  I did not charge dues so far - I think that we need to have dues paid now so that we can tackle the issue of a suitable meeting venue - my idea is to find a local restaurant in West LA, where we can reserve a meeting room.  To do that, we need: a) funds available, and b) attendance commitments, as we will have to guarantee a certain number of people to hold a room.  How much should those dues be?

    2-  I wanted to have a meeting for members to Show, Tell & Trade with one another by now, but we got on a regular schedule of lectures from various dealers coming to town, and we never got around to the idea.  These types of meetings were held in the past, and I have talked to enough of you to know that there is interest in doing it again.  I also have been monitoring the CA legal situation, as there was uncertainty earlier last year about protection of antique ivory in this state.  In fact, that concern and resulting uncertainty have played a big role in our not having had a meeting for longer now than I would have preferred, as I had hoped that I could give you some definitive information by now.  I wish that I had more to tell you about the CA legal situation, but, other than that things having died down considerably in the latter half of 2012, and a bunch of unconfirmed rumors that state authorities were reconsidering some rash, bold and likely illegal moves made earlier last year (and even apologizing for them!), the whole issue has receded into (uncomfortable, to me) silence and uncertainty, once again.  I believe it would be great fun to have a Show, Tell & Trade Meeting for members only.  What do you think?  What other meeting ideas do you have?  How do you feel about having the occasional dealer, or other visiting authority or academic, come to lecture us in future meetings?  One thing that I learned (painfully) last year was that my encouraging our members to bring their own netsuke to show and compare with other members, came into direct collision with the expectations of at least one lecturing dealer, who was less than happy about having members' netsuke competing with netsuke which that dealer brought for sale.  We do have to remember that, if a dealer comes to lecture us and incurs the expense in so doing, they do have a reasonable expectation that the netsuke which they bring, should be able to viewed and considered without competition from our members' own netsuke.  My mistake in not seeing that before it happened.

    3-  I have read many old Journal reports of meetings of this chapter at which 40, 50, and even in one case, over 90 people, attended.  I would appreciate all input on how we can go about re-building our INS So CA Chapter to assure larger attendance.

    4- My thought, also from those old Journal reports, is that four Sunday afternoon, or Saturday afternoon, meetings per calendar year would be a good year's schedule.  Now, because the INS Convention is set for early May 2013 this year in London, we have to give some attention to how to space out those meetings properly, and to assure our best attendance.  Please let me know whether you prefer Saturday afternoons, or Sunday afternoons - (noon to 3pm) and also please let me know dates and time periods in which we should not schedule a meeting, such as August, which is a month when many take vacations.

    5- Please share with me what else is good, what else is bad, and any other thoughts which you may have for making our INS So CA Chapter grow, and thrive again.  

    Your responses can be discretely directed to me only, if you wish, and you can be as candid as you like.  I do, however need and appreciate your thoughts and input.

    We cannot please everybody, but we will surely try to please as many as possible if we can get your input on these questions.

    I appreciate your anticipated cooperation in sharing your thoughts on these topics and any others on which you have ideas.  

    As for our location for future meetings, if anybody would like to volunteer their home as a location, please let me know and we will figure out a way to make the location known without unduly publicizing your home address if you wish to keep that private (& I don't blame you, if you do).  If you know of a restaurant with a meeting room which does not charge an arm and a leg for use of that meeting room, along with a meal, kindly let me know of the restaurant and any contact person there with whom you believe I should speak, in order to make arrangements.

    Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

    P.S.  If any member would like to speak on a topic of their own interest at a meeting, or you think some other member might be willing to speak on a topic on which they have particular knowledge, kindly let me know that too!

    P.P.S.  If you want your future communications concerning our INS SoCA Chapter and meetings sent to you at a 'bcc'd' address (as I am doing with at least one member, who requests that his email address not be distributed) please let me know that too.  

    &, if I have missed anybody who should be on our emailing list, please let me know that too.

    Kindest Regards,
    David S. White


    International Nestuke Society SoCA Chapter
  • Tuesday, July 31, 2012 7:17 PM | Anonymous

    Seattle Chapter Summer Meeting

    INS Seattle Members rejoice.

    Our INS summer luncheon meeting is Sunday, August 5th, 1 p.m., at Sand Point Country Club. Phone Karen Knudson 206-528-9870 for address.

    Our SPEAKER will be Eric Knudson who will continue his presentation,"NETSUKE IN RUSSIA"

    with a power-point photo presentation to make you wish you were there.

    As an added attraction we invite you to join member Robert Hayden, bringing your NETSUKE MASKS, for show & tell.

    Professor Hayden has specialized in MASKS for some years now and has some excellent examples.

    RSVP by the end of NOW!

    Richard Hieronymus <>

    Phone (360) 378-3556

    Summer Journal Is On Its Way . . . 

    The summer issue of the International Netsuke Society Journal is being shipped this coming week so keep your eyes open for your quarterly netsuke-reading fix in the mail!




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  • Tuesday, February 21, 2012 7:56 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Chapter Members and Guests,

    Our INS SoCA Chapter will be having a meeting this Sunday, Feb. 26, from High Noon to 3PM, at Loyola Marymount University, at the William H. Hannon Library, located at One LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659,

    This will be a very special meeting, where we will be able to see, and discuss, the Kinsey Contemporary Netsuke Collection, and Contemporary Netsuke, in general.  Richard Silverman, our very own INS Chapter's world class authority on Contemporary Netsuke will be our lecturer, and Ms. Cynthia Becht, Head, Archives and Special Collections of LMU's William H. Hannon Library, will be our Host.  Please bring white gloves if you have them; if you don't, there should be enough in supply.

    Sorry for the later than usual notice, but the access details were a bit tricky, due to LMU being on Spring Break
     - remember Spring Break?
    - I suspect that this looks harder than it really will be . . . .

    Here's what you need to know, to gain access,
    after you figure out how to get to the LMU Campus and the William H. Hannon Library on the LMU Campus:
     - this link may help those who use Google Maps
     - paste the link below into your Browser,
    or go on Google Maps and type
    "LMU William H. Hannon Library," and that should also do the trick:

    - The front door of the William H. Hannon Library should be open;.
    - An LMU Public Safety Officer will be on guard at this front door to let only attendees to our INS SoCA Chapter Meeting inside.
    - Once inside, please take the elevators or stairs up two floors to the top (third) floor.
    - The Von der Ahe Suite will be open; that is where we will be meeting.
    - Both Ms. Becht and I will be on the third floor, awaiting your arrival.

    I am copying Ms. Becht with this notice, to make sure that I understand these instructions correctly and have explained them understandably.

    I sincerely hope that all of you can make it to the meeting this Sunday.  If I have missed anybody by cutting and pasting the email list once too often, please let them, and me, know!
    with Kindest Regards,

    David S. White
    INS SoCA Chapter Chair
    12401 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 200
    Los Angeles CA 90025-1089
    O: 310-571-0300
    F: 310-571-0707
    C: 310-721-7345

  • Monday, January 30, 2012 6:05 PM | Anonymous

    Please join the NEW YORK Chapter of the INTERNATIONAL NETSUKE SOCIETY

                                         at its next meeting:

                                Sunday, February 19, 2012


    Szechuan Chalet

    1395 Second Avenue (near 72nd/73rd Streets)

    Restaurant phone:  212-737-1838


    Our speaker at this meeting will be our own NYC chapter member, Dieuwke Eijer, who is also the author of the book Kagamibuta: Mirrors of Japanese Life and Legend.  The topic of Dieuwke’s presentation will be Serial work in Kagamibuta.  Here are Dieuwke’s comments about the talk she will present: 

    I will discuss three types of serial work in kagamibuta. There are the identical kagamibuta, that look like they came out of a mold, almost ready to be sold. And then there are pieces that show a partially identical image, while the rest of each of those kagamibuta is more or less individually decorated. Some techniques encourage serializing and we do see them being used in these two groups.  A third group consists of images that definitely go back to one design, but the kagamibuta are manufactured in such techniques that make each of these kagamibuta a unique piece. Thus we may not realize, that they are – in a way – part of a series. If you have a kagamibuta in your collection that you suspect of being serial work, bring it!


    If you have any other netsuke you would like to bring with you, please feel free to bring them. 

    Dieuwke’s talks are always extremely interesting and informative, so please come join us at our meeting. 


    Please also bring cash for your food/drink.


    RSVP to:  Jeffrey Klotz, 973-616-2988 or 


    Best regards,


  • Wednesday, November 23, 2011 5:08 PM | Anonymous

    Please join the NEW YORK chapter of the INTERNATIONAL NETSUKE SOCIETY

    at its next meeting:  Sunday, December 4, 2011, at 2:00 P.M.

    at Szechuan Chalet

    1395 Second Avenue (near 72nd/73rd Streets)

    Restaurant phone:  212-737-1838


    It's time, once again, for our own Bob Goode to present his annual junishi (zodiac) lecture.  The zodiacal animal for the coming year is the dragon.  The dragon is one of the most common supernatural creatures found in both Western and Eastern Mythology. Bob will discuss the role of the dragon in the culture of China and Japan, with emphasis on the many ways it is represented in  antique and contemporary netsuke .

    If you have any dragon netsuke or any other netsuke you would like to share with our group, please bring them to the meeting.   

    Please also bring cash for your food/drink.


    Please RSVP to:  Jeffrey Klotz, 973-616-2988  or

    I hope you will join us there.


  • Thursday, October 27, 2011 4:11 PM | Anonymous

    The next INS SoCA Chapter Meeting is on Sunday, November 13, 2011, from noon, sharp, to 3 P.M.
    We will be meeting this time at Richard Silverman's condo, which Richard has graciously offered for our use.  Jeff Klotz, of Takara Asian Art (, will be our Guest Lecturer.  Jeff's topic will be the cutting-edge work of Clive Hallam.  If you have any of Clive's work, please bring it to the meeting so that we can discuss it!

    So that we can be sure to have seating for all, please RSVP for your attendance at this meeting ASAP when you receive this email.   And please, bring a friend!

    We will not be meeting in crowded restaurants any more, and we need your attendance to re-build this Chapter.  If you missed our October Chapter meeting, where Paul Moss gave (not one, not two, but . . . ) three, separate PowerPoint lectures, you missed a very good one, but we had about half of the number that we could have had.
    Please try very hard to make this one, and you won't be sorry!

    Parking is free on the Beverly Hills, West side of Doheny - not on the East side (West Hollywood side), but you can also valet park at Richard's building. 

    Richard Silverman's address is:
    838 N. Doheny Dr., No. 1102,

    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    The meeting room is right off the first floor lobby.

    Hope to see you all there!

    with Kindest Regards,

    NS SoCA Chapter Chair
    12401 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 200
    Los Angeles CA 90025-1089
    O: 310-571-0300
    F:  310-571-0707
    C:  310-721-7345

  • Friday, October 14, 2011 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    On or about Monday, October 17, 2011, the new INS website will go active. In an attempt to keep up with the latest in Internet technology, we are moving to a platform with newer technology via

    Here are a few things you might need to know:

    The new site has been reorganized for a more logical access, but contains all of the old contents.

    In the Members Only part of the site, you will be able to check, control, add, and change your contact information, as well as select who can see this information and more. We encourage all Members to check it out and update their information and settings as appropriate.

    Members who don’t have email addresses, or have not registered them with us, will still be contacted via snail mail.

    Members who do have email addresses will be able to manage their membership themselves via Wild Apricot (WA). WA will send out renewal notices and the member will be able to click on a link to our website to pay their dues online. The member will receive an automated receipt and will be sent a notification of the renewal and transaction details.

    We know that privacy is a key concern for all of us. By default, WA does not display or disclose any member’s profile or personal information in any way, without the member explicitly giving their approval. By default, a member’s profile is not shown in any online directory. A member will need to explicitly change their profile settings if they would like to have their information shown in the online directory which will only be accessible to other members in good standing. The Directory Publication preferences are listed in each person’s Profile page and members can choose to be included or not. We hope this puts everyone at ease.

    To view or change your settings, you go to:, then: View Profile -> Edit Profile -> Privacy -> Allow to show online -> and then click on as many details as you would like to be displayed. You can also add your avatar image in the profile section.

    You will be getting two versions of this email, this one from Constant Contact, and one from us via Wild Apricot, telling you how to start.

    We will be able to send out eBlasts from within this new system, removing the need for a separate eBlast system (now Constant Contact).

    We hope you and the rest of the netsuke world will visit the site, see what it offers, and see how you and the Society can benefit from it.


    Norman L. Sandfield

    INS Webmaster

  • Tuesday, October 04, 2011 9:05 PM | Anonymous

    Good News!


    Our INS Website,, which has been down since last Friday (depending upon your time zone), will be back up within the next 24-48 hours. Aisha Buntin, who is our hands-on Website Technician, as been on top of it since the outage initially occurred.


    The indirect cause involved the process of allowing us to switch to our new website service. The direct cause is several levels of miscommunication from one of the services we use.


    We thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience and confusion. To those Members who notified us as soon as they noticed the problem, a very special thanks!


    We will be going through the transition to our brand-new website, hosted on Wild Apricot, on or about Monday, October 17. Again, the transition will occur at an unpredictable time during a 48-hour window, the specific time being out of our control.


    Around that date, most of you will be getting two emails from us. One from the new Wild Apricot website, telling you in detail how to see and change your contact information and settings (opt-in, opt-out, etc.). A very similar email through Constant Contact will tell you the same things. We will all go through the rest of the learning curve together, with the ultimate goal of better service at a state-of-the-art Internet service!


    Lest you think we are uniquely at fault here, I wish to quote from a story in yesterday’s news: “Bank of America says its website is back to normal after technical problems caused two days of sporadic outages.”



    Norman L. Sandfield

    INS Web Master

  • Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:30 PM | Anonymous


    I have reserved a meeting room at the Marriott Residence Inn Hotel located at 1177 S. Beverly Dr. (@ the NW corner of Pico - right down the street from where we had the INS Convention last May) from noon to 3pm.  Because I have been living at this hotel since last April (lucky me), they slashed the price to a true bargain of only $243.50 (from $500)
    - I will take care of the payment later today; if anybody would like to chip in on the cost, please let me know!  All contributions gratefully accepted.  I have also ordered a PowerPoint projector for Paul Moss' talk.

    Residence Inn Beverly Hills

    1177 South Beverly Drive · Los Angeles, California 90035 USA

    We will not be serving food, so please have a hearty brunch before you come.

    Here's the information on the hotel:

    Directions are here:

    Street parking on Beverly and adjacent streets (Smithwood, behind the hotel) is free on Sunday, but, if you park in the hotel it is expensive and we can't validate.

    I hope that those of you who were not coming, due to not liking the Cheesecake Factory as a meeting venue, will now be able to attend!
    Again, if I have missed anybody, please let them know!


    Thanks & See you very soon.
    with Kindest Regards,
    David White
    INS SoCA Chapter Chair
    12401 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 200
    Los Angeles CA 90025-1089
    O: 310-571-0300
    F:  310-571-0707
    C:  310-721-7345

  • Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:00 PM | Anonymous

       Please join the NEW YORK chapter of the INTERNATIONAL NETSUKE SOCIETY

       at its next meeting:  Sunday, October 9, 2011     2:00 P.M.


    Szechuan Chalet

    1395 Second Avenue (near 72nd/73rd Streets) 

    Restaurant phone:  212-737-1838


    I will present a talk on Clive Hallam and his work.  Clive is one of the most talented and innovative artists carving netsuke today.  Furthermore, both he and his work are exceptionally interesting. 

    I will present some background information about Clive, give some information about his perspective on carving netsuke, and show pictures of some of his work.


    If you have any netsuke that were carved by Clive or any other netsuke you would like to share with our group, please bring them to the meeting.    

    Please also bring cash for your food/drink.

    RSVP to:  Jeffrey Klotz, 973-616-2988 or 

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